Difference Between Portable Nebulizers and Nebulizer Machines

A nebulizer is a highly versatile piece of equipment that helps deliver the drugs where they are needed the most. These machines reliably turn liquid medicine into the mist. Inhalation of these mist, containing mediations, ensures that drugs act primarily on the bronchial tree and alveoli.

Aerosol therapy is now the mainstay of treatment of some respiratory conditions. It is because, unlike oral medications, aerosol therapy has fewer side effects. It primarily acts where it is needed the most.

Moreover, these days corticosteroids (a kind of hormone) are the first-line treatment of asthma and some other respiratory conditions.

Inhaling these medications is multiple times safer than taking them orally, as only just a tiny amount of them reaches the bloodstream. A quantity is small enough not to cause any severe side effects.

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Why Should Nebulizers Be In Every Household?

Respiratory conditions characterized by severe bronchoconstriction are more common than believed. More than 300 million people are living with asthma globally. 10% of the US population is living with asthma.

Unfortunately, asthma is underdiagnosed and undertreated condition. Even worse, in most cases, it is first diagnosed in childhood, even in young kids.

Asthma is efficiently managed, and nebulizers have an important role in its management. Unfortunately, it cannot be cured, but prolonged remission may be expected.

A nebulizer may also help manage another common respiratory condition, COPD, which is a condition of older and yet physically active adults. It affects another 10-12% of the population.

Most households would have some medical equipment like thermometers, blood pressure machines, and so on. However, many people are still hesitant to use nebulizers. Thus, instead, doctors prescribe a metered-dose inhaler (MDI). 

MDI is disposable, small, and easy to carry whereas, most nebulizers have been big and bulky pieces of equipment historically.

Since the majority of those diagnosed with respiratory conditions are children, young adults, or middle-aged adults, they find it almost impossible to use nebulizers because they don’t want to be tethered to home thus the preference MDI or simply called inhalers.

A Nebulizer Is Generally More Effective Than MDI

Despite the popularity of inhalers or MDI, it is vital to understand that most studies show that nebulizers are more effective. It is because they have a greater rate of drug deposition in the lungs. It means that they provide faster and persistent relief compared to commonly used inhalers.

If the nebulizer is so good, why people with MDI are still so commonly prescribed? The reason lies primarily in the size of the nebulizer machines. They have been bulky and difficult to carry till now.

Moreover, tabletop nebulizers required access to electricity. However, this is not more an issue. There are portable nebulizers available that are as comfortable to use as MDI.

Moreover, they do not essentially require to be switched to electricity for use. Instead, these portable devices operate on rechargeable batteries or USB power.

Portable Nebulizers and Nebulizers Machines

Despite the known benefits of tabletop nebulizers over MDI, many people with active lifestyles do not want to use them. These tabletop machines are bulky, noisy, cumbersome. Some people simply hate to use them. Moreover, one cannot carry them while traveling.

Fortunately, in the last few decades, technology has progressed a lot. Now a portable and easy-to-carry nebulizers are available. Just take an example of a ProNebu Portable Nebulizer. It’s small enough to fit into any bag, very lightweight, ultra-quiet. 

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ProNebu Portable Nebulizer operates on batteries. One may even buy rechargeable batteries for it. However, it can even operate without batteries! It can get its power supply through USB ports. Almost everyone has a laptop or a USB power bank these days. Thus, one even does not need to worry about the batteries.

Another remarkable aspect of this device is that it comes with multiple adapters for various age groups. Thus, it comes with a mouthpiece, inhaler mask. Therefore, it is equally suitable for kids, young adults, and even older adults.

It means that now there is no need to purchase those bulky tabletop nebulizers. Needless to say, that portable nebulizers also go through similar stringent quality tests, and they are by no means inferior to tabletop nebulizers. After all, there cannot be any compromise on any device’s quality of treatment and safety.

Can one use ProNebu Portable Nebulizer for other purposes like inhaling essential oils?

Yes, definitely. It should be noted, however, that persons with chronic lung conditions should consult with a doctor before inhaling anything not prescribed by a physician.

A portable Nebulizer has all the benefits of a tabletop nebulizer. However, it has the added advantage of portability, ease of use, and ability to operate with a battery or USB port. It is perfect for kids, active young adults, professionals, travelers, and so on. 

To conclude, it is essential to know that using nebulizers is the best way of delivering medications for asthma, COPD, and other illnesses causing bronchoconstriction.

Fortunately, now there are many options of portable nebulizers to choose from. As an added bonus Nebulizers are no longer cumbersome, bulky, and impractical to use.