Do Portable Nebulizers Work?

Do portable nebulizers work? The answer is yes! Portable nebulizers are a great option for people who need to take their medication on the go. Whether you have asthma or COPD, this device can help you stay healthy so that you don’t miss out on life events like vacations and parties. If you’re not sure if portable nebulizers will work for your needs, read our blog post here to learn more about how they compare to other options.

Advantages of Using Portable Nebulizers

Why Should You Use a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is widely used for treating various lung diseases, such as respiratory infection, unspecified type of pneumonia, airway disease, pulmonary disease, and lung tissue infection. It is also a standard treatment for addressing the different types of an asthma attack, including:

  • Intermittent asthma
  • Persistent asthma
  • Unspecified asthma
  • Cough variant asthma
  • Asthma with status 

Furthermore, nebulization may also be administered in patients with heart transplant failure, intestine transplant infection, kidney transplant failure, liver transplant infection, flax-dressers’ disease, bone marrow transplant failure, complications of lung transplant, bone graft failure, pulmonary heart diseases, and many others.

A standard nebulizer is composed of an air compressor, compressor tubing, mouthpiece, and medicine cup. With a portable unit, you get all these in a small package. An example is a direct connection nebulizer, a small volume nebulizer that is extremely compact, usually palm-size.

A DC nebulizer is great for both children and adults. There are different types of DC nebulizers. A popular style is the MicroMist DC nebulizer, which is very efficient at delivering nebulizer drugs to the lungs. Two of the most popular DC machines are the SeaSpray DC nebulizer and the Conikal DC nebulizer.

For the most part, nebulizers, along with oxygen equipment, are provided through Medicaid services or other health insurance plans. Some plans may include an initial 30-day supply of your medication.

Usually, one unit of service is equal to one unit dose vial. If your device came from Medicaid Services, you may be provided with a claim for repair if you encounter any issue. Just make sure that your claim submission is within the specified dates of service. In addition, check the code for replacement items to see if you are entitled to reimbursement for any parts that need to be replaced.

They Are Small and Easy To Carry Around On Your Travels

If you need to carry a respiratory device like Nebulizers around with you, then a portable version is the perfect solution. This device is small and easy to handle so that it can be taken on trips without causing too much of a hassle for those who use it.

They Allow You to Control the Dosage of Your Medication Easily and Consistently

Since this type of nebulizers allows people to control how often they take their medications, dosage isn’t really an issue when using one of these devices. If someone needs more than two puffs every four hours, he or she will simply have to turn up the power dial in order to get what has been prescribed by the doctor – no big deal!

They Are Easy To Use

Portable nebulizers are highly preferred over most types of inhalers, particularly metered-dose inhalers. They can be used by just about anyone regardless of whether or not they have asthma.

All that’s required is a mask and some medication, which comes in a form of a single use vial or unit dose container, so there isn’t any learning curve to using one of these devices. However, if you need a machine that’s capable of continuous operation and humidification delivery, an ultrasonic nebulizer is a much better choice.

They Are Environmentally Friendly and Don’t Produce Any Noise or Odor

Since portable nebulizers don’t require electricity in order to work, they are an environmentally friendly option for taking medicine on the go. Also, since they don’t make noise or produce odor when running properly, this device won’t bother other people while it does its job.

Effective Medication Delivery

Using a portable nebulizer can help people get the most out of their medication, which is essential for those who need to stay on top of respiratory issues. This device ensures that medications are delivered effectively and consistently so that they work like they’re supposed to when it comes time to take them!

Comfort and Convenience

Using a portable nebulizer is an effective way for people to get the treatment they need without having to leave their home. This device offers comfort and convenience since it can be used in your own bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else that suits you best!

Nebulizer Treatments Work Faster Than Other Treatment Methods

Nebulizers are more effective than other treatment methods, so if someone needs to breathe easily in a short amount of time then this is the perfect option.

Additionally, a portable nebulizer can be used to clear the lung airways from both organic dust and inorganic dusts, such as talc dust. Also, since nebulizers don’t use any electricity or batteries, they can be an environmentally friendly way for people to get relief from respiratory conditions.

They Are Easy To Clean and Maintain

Since portable nebulizer treatments aren’t as expensive as breathing machines, it makes sense that they would need to be taken care of properly over the years. Luckily though these devices are easy enough to clean and maintain with soap and warm water or special cleaners you can buy at your local pharmacy! Make sure to shake off excess water and dry the washable parts completely before storing. Take the time to keep your nebulizer clean.

Fewer Side Effects

In most cases, people who use a portable nebulizer won’t experience side effects that are as severe or last as long since they can control exactly how much medication they want to take in each treatment session.

Possible Side Effects of Using Portable Nebulizers

Bruising Around the Mouth and Chest Area from the Mask May Occur

When using this type of respiratory device, bruising around the mouth and chest area are possible side effects which may occur if someone doesn’t have experience with similar products. Although these bruises typically go away after a few days, there isn’t any way for them to show up beforehand so users should always take caution when putting on masks until they know how much they can handle.

Thrush or Mouth Infection

Using a portable nebulizer can cause thrush or mouth infections if someone has sores in the inside of his or her cheeks. If this is the case, then it’s best to contact your doctor as soon as possible and see what he/she suggests for treatment purposes.

Extremely Rare Side Effect of Infection in Your Lungs or Bronchitis Can Occur Too Often

In rare cases, those who use a portable nebulizer may experience an infection in their lungs that causes them to have bronchitis symptoms on occasion – talk with your doctor about whether or not you should continue using one of these devices if this ever happens! This usually happens when the nebulizer isn’t cleaned properly or if it is used by more than one person.

Dry Mouth and Wheezing Are Uncommon Side Effects Portable Nebulizers Might Have

Dry mouth and wheezing are uncommon side effects that could happen if someone uses a portable nebulizer too much, but other than these symptoms it’s pretty unlikely that they will have to deal with any severe reactions from using one of these devices.

Triggering Allergies

Allergies to medication can occur if someone uses a portable nebulizer too often, so this is definitely something that must be taken into consideration before purchasing one of these respiratory devices. However, allergies from medications are typically mild and only last for a few hours or days at most – but it’s still better to be safe than sorry!

Although there aren’t any common severe side effects when using a portable nebulizer, people should always keep an eye out for symptoms which could indicate that they have an allergic reaction or other serious medical conditions going on inside their bodies. If you notice that your skin becomes blotchy after using the device more than once in a day then you might want to look into why exactly this is happening and if you should stop using your nebulizer immediately.

Final Words

Using a portable nebulizer is an easy way for people to treat respiratory issues whenever they’re on the go without having to worry about carrying around bulky equipment or expensive accessories! However where they offer so many benefits there are also some side effects to the device but the good thing is that they have fewer side effects than many other respiratory devices. If you are looking for a portable nebulizer for yourself or your loved one look no further than ProNebu.

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