Humidifier Benefits for Skin: Better Skin Health With the Help of One Device

Our skin is the largest and most exposed organ of our body.

As such, it’s prone to damage caused by sun exposure, the cold winter months, and other environmental elements.

More than anything, the best way to protect the skin barrier is by keeping it clean and hydrated.

Since humidifiers improve indoor environmental humidity levels, it isn’t surprising that some use them as part of their skin care regime.

After all, there are several humidifier benefits for skin health, which we’ll discuss in detail below.

We’ll also introduce you to ProNebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer, a device you can use as a personal humidifier.

Humidifier Benefits for Skin Health

Generally, humidifiers release water vapor into the air to increase the humidity level in the room where you place them.

This change also transforms the way the skin responds to the dry environment, leading to the following benefits:

Prevents or Minimizes Water Loss

Environmental humidity levels are already typically low during the winter season but are lowered by our heating systems even more.

Your air-conditioning units have the same effect on indoor air, so dry air is also common during summer.

If your home or office doesn’t meet the optimal level of humidity, the air will suck out the water from your cells.

So, whether you have normal, oily, combination, sensitive, or dry skin, it’s prone to dehydration when exposed to a dry environment.

The lack of hydration compromises the skin barrier function. It can even expose the skin’s inner layers, making it prone to several hazards.

Your skin starts flaking and itching and becomes prone to hazardous bacteria and other elements.

The lips, one of the thinnest skin in the body with no sebaceous or oil glands, also start to chap and crack.

Not only is it because of dehydration but also due to the regular wear and tear they experience throughout the day.

A humidifier can halt or minimize the moisture-sucking process once it provides the air with the amount of humidity it needs.

Slows Down the Aging Process

A study suggests that the lack of water in the outermost layer of skin leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What’s worse is that this decrease in water content can happen if your skin gets exposed to a low-humidity environment for six hours daily.

Using a humidifier, you can slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while having the brightest, plumpest, and dewiest skin you’ve ever had!

Increases the Effectiveness of Moisturizing Products

Most of us have a specific skin care regime, from using cleansers to applying toners and moisturizers.

Moisturizers have humectant ingredients, such as glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, and hyaluronic acid, that help attract and bind water to your skin.

However, they can dehydrate your skin if the air has low humidity or moisture since they pull out the water from the deepest layer of your skin.

With your humidifier running, you are providing the moisture or water that the product needs to function properly, making it more effective.

different humidifier benefits for skin

Prevents Acne and Other Skin Conditions

You’re probably already aware that the overgrowth of bacteria causes acne. However, dirt and oil trapped in your skin pores can also lead to or worsen acne breakouts.

Keeping your skin moistened, especially during dry conditions, will help the oil flow more freely and naturally out of your skin pores.

At the same time, your skin responds to low air humidity levels by producing more oil to compensate for the dryness.

This increased oil production will also lead to and worsen acne.

It is why most skincare experts suggest running a humidifier in your bedroom at night while you sleep because your oil glands are more active during this time.

That said, bacteria love humidity, specifically higher than 60 percent humidity levels.

As such, you must also ensure that you monitor your indoor humidity level using a hygrometer.

It’s also why using a humidifier with an inbuilt humidity meter, sensor, or gauge is highly advisable.

In addition to acne, dehydrated skin is prone to exposure to harmful bacteria, irritants, and allergens that can cause other skin concerns.

As mentioned, these problems can often be due to damage to the skin’s outermost layer, affecting the skin barrier function.

If you already have skin problems, such as eczema, dermatitis, senile xerosis, and psoriasis, you’ll usually experience regular and moderate to severe flare-ups.

Fortunately, with the humidifier’s basic function of helping moisturize or hydrate your skin, you can minimize or prevent all the mentioned issues and more from happening.

Moreover, you must ensure that you choose the right humidifier.

A study states that a cold or warm mist humidifier producing nano-sized water particles is the best option.

The hydrating effects of water nanodroplets are better than larger ones because they can penetrate the skin’s deepest layers more quickly.

The Must-Have Portable Humidifier for Skin Care and More

In relation to finding humidifiers generating nano-sized water particles, the ProNebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer is one that’s worth considering.

Although it’s primarily designed as a nebulizer, you can also use purified water for it to function as a personal humidifier.

Feature-wise, it produces particles or droplets with a size of less than five microns.

It also doesn’t produce residues. Not only will this make cleaning your device easier and quicker, but it also prolongs its lifespan.

You’ll love that it’s compact, lightweight, and tubing-free, so you can pack and carry it around without hassle and use it anywhere, anytime.

Measuring 4 x 1 x 1.5 inches, you can store it in your medicine cabinet, closet, or bag without occupying too much space.

Another great feature of this handheld two-in-one device is its noiseless operation. You can place it on your desk while working without disturbing anyone.

For asthmatic kids and adults who need a reliable portable nebulizer, you’ll love that the ProNebu comes with two mask sizes.

Kids can use it until adulthood if and when they still experience regular asthma attacks.

Not only that, but the package also includes a mouthpiece, allowing you to use it in two different ways.

Lastly, the ProNebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer has an easy-to-understand instruction manual for easy operation and a three-month warranty.

Tips When Using a Humidifier for Improved Skin Health

Now that you have the right humidifier, you must also learn how to use it correctly to enjoy the many humidifier benefits for skin health.

Here are some expert-recommended practices to keep in mind:

1. Clean it regularly.

Dirty humidifiers will produce dirty particles, which will do more harm to your skin (and your room and other items) than good.

Thoroughly clean portable types of humidifiers every three days and central humidifiers every week.

It’s also important to drain the remaining water and dry the humidifier every after use.

2. Use it only as and when needed.

As mentioned, too high indoor air humidity won’t do your skin good, so you must be mindful of the climate.

Only use your humidifier to balance out the moisture or reach the ambient humidity.

For instance, if it’s summertime and you’re not using your air conditioner at night, then there’s no need to turn on your humidifier.

Else, you’ll wake up to oily skin instead of a dewy, moisturized one.

Also, be mindful of your skin. If you notice that it starts to dry up and become rough to the touch, it means that your indoor air has low humidity.

Thus, it’s time to use your humidifier!

3. Use demineralized filters and cartridges.

If you plan on using distilled or mineral water instead of purified, you must replace your humidifier’s filter and cartridge regularly.

They will help remove white dust, filter mineral deposits, and eliminate water odor.

Also, they ensure that your humidifier only generates water droplets instead of mineral and water droplets.

4. Turn it on before starting your skin care routine.

Your humidifier can only enhance the positive effects of the skin care product if you use it at the right time, and that is before taking the first step: cleansing.

Doing so will ensure your skin retains moisture for extended periods because you already started with slightly moisturized or hydrated skin.

5. Don’t just place it anywhere.

One common mistake when using a humidifier, in general, is placing it too close to the user.

Some who use it for skin care even hold their faces directly above their humidifiers.

Instead of doing that, set up your humidifier at least three feet away from you to hydrate or moisturize not just your face but also your whole body.

After all, the humidifier will release moisture into the air, not just where you place it.

It’s also best to place it in a room or space where you spend a lot of time, such as your bedroom and office cubicle.

Placing your humidifier, especially a portable one, in smaller rooms is also advisable to maximize its benefits.

Having Great Skin With the Help of a Humidifier

From preventing excess water loss from skin cells to making your skincare products more effective, using a clean humidifier correctly and at the right time will ensure better skin health.

Consider having an easy-to-carry and -use personal humidifier like the ProNebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer to enjoy these many humidifier benefits anytime, anywhere.

That’s even more important if you’re exposed to dry indoor and outdoor air regularly.

Of course, the humidifier shouldn’t replace your skincare products; it’s just an additional step to help you achieve healthy skin.

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