Where to Buy a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer device is used for treating an asthma attack, inflammatory lung disease, pulmonary disease, and other respiratory conditions. Nebulization therapy is also recommended for COPD patients who are having difficulties using a metered-dose inhaler.

Are you confused as to where to buy a nebulizer?

To enjoy the benefits of nebulizer treatment, your nebulizer needs to be compatible with your particular type of inhaler, and it needs to have the right amount of power for your lung function.

The first step to buying a nebulizer is figuring out what you need. Among the different types of nebulizers include ultrasonic nebulizers, jet nebulizers, and mesh nebulizers.

The next step in the process is finding a place that sells them. There are plenty of places that sell medical equipment online, but some people prefer shopping locally and taking their time when they’re making such an important purchase.

Let’s take a look at some places and stores that you can buy high quality nebulizers from.

Your Local Medical Store (Make Sure It Is A Well Respected Medical Store)

Most local pharmacies will carry basic nebulizers however, if you want to buy a nebulizer that is suited for your needs, then you may need to go to a medical store. There are many advantages of shopping at physical stores instead of online shops because they can help you find the right equipment and give advice on how it works best with the type of inhaler that you use. Some people prefer going in person so they can get an up close look at what they’re buying before committing to something.

A Wide Range of Online Stores That Sell Nebulizers

There are many online shops that sell nebulizer products, but before you buy any equipment from one of them it is important to do your research about the company so you know they have good reviews and a solid reputation when it comes to selling high quality products. A lot of businesses will try and get away with selling lower end medical devices because they aren’t 100% sure how potent or effective their product actually is based on what kind of inhaler you use. It’s always best to find out if other people who bought this type of device had success using it (and what model) rather than buying an entirely different piece for no reason which defeats the purpose since chances are, most parts fit perfectly on the majority of devices.


Amazon is a great resource for finding convenient tabletop nebulizer systems. They have an enormous amount of different nebulizer sets from various companies so you can compare prices and see what exactly it is that you’re buying.

If you need a nebulizer for infants, look for low-volume units or pediatric nebulizers. The biggest advantage of shopping on amazon is that you can often get free shipping or really good deals which means more money in your pocket!


EBay has been known to sell medical devices as well, but there isn’t nearly as much variety as Amazon which makes it harder to find what your looking for if you don’t know specifically which model number or brand name fits your needs. However, eBay may lower the price since they aren’t making any extra costs like other online shops do (which often end up raising their prices). So keep this in mind when shopping around because sometimes low quality products will be sold at a cheaper rate than high-end ones.


Walmart is a great place to buy supplies for your nebulizer, however if you want the newest and most high quality pieces then Walmart might not be able to help you. They have a wide range of products but their items are often lower end so sometimes it’s worth going in person just because they may have something that Amazon doesn’t.

ProNebu (Recommended)

ProNebu is the place I go to buy my nebulizer supplies. They carry a wide range of high quality medical equipment and will even special order something for you if they don’t have it in stock, which means that sometimes people can get items cheaper than other online shops or physical stores because they’re not making any extra costs (like amazon). So while some places might sell new pieces at higher prices, ProNebu has many affordable options so everyone can afford what they’re looking for!

Just like with anything else, make sure before buying your nebulizer parts that you know exactly where to look first. There are plenty of great resources out there but ask around on forums or read reviews about different companies before you make a decision. If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is!

ProNebu Portable Nebulizer

If you are looking for a portable compact travel nebulizer that’s powerful, effective, easy to use, and suitable for all ages – ProNebu is ideal choice for you. It is also quiet, residue-free, and uses advanced vibrating mesh technology.

Nebulizers can be a little bit pricier than other types of inhalers, but they are also more powerful and have better functionality as well as customized settings to best suit your needs. Unfortunately, if you don’t know where to buy nebulizers from then it could lead to some problems in terms of finding an effective one that fits with your lifestyle or just waiting for something better down the line when what you need right now is readily available at this moment instead of later on. If you want a quality nebulizer though there usually isn’t any rush because they will last years upon years before needing replacement parts which makes them quite cost efficient compared to buying new ones every month or two.

Things to Consider When Buying a Nebulizer

Never Compromise on Quality

If you want a nebulizer that can last for years then its best not to buy something at the cheapest price possible. ProNebu often has great deals and you don’t have to worry about anything if your buying from them which makes their site one of my favorite places to pick up supplies because they will give me free shipping as well! However when you are looking to buy a medical equipment it is ideal to never compromise on quality. So even if you have to pay a little more than your budget don’t be afraid to do so. It will only be good for you in the long run.

Make Sure the Nebulizer Is From a Respected Brand

A lot of the time you’ll find that nebulizers are made by well-known brands like Omron, Pari and ProNebu (just to name a few). When choosing your medical equipment make sure it is from a respected brand because this will help determine if they have good reviews or not. That way when people ask about certain products you can be confident in sharing what kind works best for them!

Always Keep the Nebulizer Design in Mind

Nebulizers come in a variety of different designs. They can be battery powered, air compressor driven or even have an AC adapter cord that plugs into the wall to charge it up before use. The design you choose will all depend on your personal preference and how often it is going to be used but one thing for sure is that if you want something portable then make sure there are no expensive extra costs like other online shops do (which often end up raising their prices). So keep this in mind when shopping around because sometimes low quality products will be sold at a cheaper rate than high-end ones.

Check Out the Features

First of all, look for a device that delivers consistent particle size and high nebulization levels. These are very important for addressing breathing difficulty. High-quality nebulizers employ high-frequency sound waves to turn asthma medications into a breathable mist.

Some nebulizers have an ergonomic design, along with an adjustable spray size, automatic shut-off function, and light indicator for the battery. 

Lastly, consider buying an extra nebulizer cup, especially if you plan to use the medical device more frequently. It might also be wise to invest in affordable nebulizer accessories, such as aerosol masks, nebulizer tubing, nebulizer mouthpiece, and more.