No Tubing Required | All in One Device | Suitable for All Ages

The Best Portable Nebulizer Available: Breathe Easier On The Go!

  • Smallest & most portable unit available
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Standard Dosing capacity
  • Special Cup Design to reduce waste
  • Excellent reliability
  • Uses convenient Micro USB cord


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World’s #1 Portable Nebulizer
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Adult and Children
Micro USB
Perfect for Travel
Top Rated
Consistent Atomization
Handheld & Ergonomic
Standard Dosing Capacity
“The ProNebu portable humidifier uses advanced vibrating mesh technology. It is the ideal device for use during travel.” 
“ProNebu has revolutionized the way nebulizers work with its pocket-sized, ultra-quiet, handheld design.” 
“The ProNebu nebulizer is selected as one of the top portable nebulizers of 2022. It is ultra-quiet and small enough to easily fit in a purse.”
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer has two output levels
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer

Pronebu™ Mesh Portable Nebulizer

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Limited Inventory Available (Salt Lake City, Utah)

The ProNebu™ mesh portable nebulizer uses advanced vibrating mesh technology to atomize liquids into a fine mist that can be inhaled by people of all ages. With silent operation, simple use, and complete portability, you can easily use the ProNebu™ at home or take it on the go!
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Cutting-edge atomization with particle size less than 5um
  • Handheld use (product dimensions: 4in x 1in x 1.5in)
  • Ideal for both kids and adults

Our Customers Love ProNebu™

ProNebu™ is the best portable handheld nebulizer on the market.  Our customers and the experts agree!

ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu portable nebulizer
ProNebu handheld nebulizer for all ages

Suitable for All Ages

ProNebu handheld nebulizer comes with a mask for both adults and children. Its simple operation makes it easy for people of all ages to get relief.

ProNebu handheld nebulizer: inside the box

Everything You Need

Inside the box there is everything you need to get started*. It comes with a mouthpiece, an adult and child mask, a Micro USB power cable and an instruction book.

*Batteries not included. Nebulizer can run using power from the Micro USB alone

A man using a handheld nebulizer

Portable Size

ProNebu handheld nebulizer is the perfect size for people on the go. It fits easily in a purse, pocket, or glove compartment in a car so you can get relief at a moment’s notice.

ProNebu portable nebulizer has two output levels

Two Output Levels

Two levels of output allow for a more comfortable, personalized treatment. This really is a nebulizer for everyone!

A girl breathes easy after using ProNebu handheld nebulizer

Breath Easy

Even if you don’t have a respiratory illness, you can still use the ProNebu! We have many happy customers using the nebulizer with just water or saline to help common cold & flu symptoms!