Is Humidity Good for Skin?

is humidity good for skin?

Moisture plays a significant role in achieving and maintaining healthy skin, so it isn’t uncommon for many to ask, “Is humidity good for skin?” Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor suspended in the air. So, the exact answer to the question can be a yes or a no. This means its effects on … Read more

Does Humidifier Help With Cough?

does humidifier help with cough

From central home humidifiers to portable ones like the ProNebu Mesh, humidifiers are taking over homes, offices, and businesses. You will find them in many different types, each one designed to help improve indoor air quality. Besides, many swear by the never-ending list of health benefits of humidifiers. Looking at that list, you may wonder, … Read more

Nebulizer Vs Humidifier Vs Vaporizer: A Detailed Comparison

Aerosol and steam inhalation therapies have for centuries been known to help with congestion and other respiratory conditions. More recently, their benefits for slowing the impacts of aging on skin and hair and in improving general health and wellness are becoming similarly well known. However, there is considerable confusion about the different types of equipment … Read more

How to Use a Nebulizer for Kids – Top Tips

Nebulizer treatments are commonly prescribed for children because they are easier to use than inhalers. Respiratory issues are also more common in children as they develop and grow which is why it is important to have a nebulizer for kids. We have experience helping children with nebulizer treatments and have talked to other parents about … Read more

What to Put in Nebulizer for Cough Relief?

learn what to put in nebulizer for cough

A nebulizer machine works to relieve coughing by turning liquid medicines into breathable ones. You then inhale this fine mist through a mouthpiece so that the medicine reaches your lungs faster. Before all of that can happen, you first have to know what to put in nebulizer for cough relief. In fact, it’s a good … Read more

Are Nebulizer Treatments Safe During Pregnancy?

are nebulizer treatments safe during pregnancy

Pregnancy causes sudden and drastic changes in a woman’s body. These dramatic changes can take a toll on even the healthiest of women, especially those with chronic lung diseases like asthma. For instance, what happens if, in the middle of your day at the park, you suddenly experience an asthma attack? Are nebulizer treatments safe … Read more

Can Nebulizer Cause Sore Throat?

can nebulizer cause sore throat

Nebulizers and bronchodilators are heaven-sent for people with asthma. Aside from preventing full-blown asthma attacks, they can now also enjoy activities thanks to its now pocketable size. For example, the ProNebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer can give you peace of mind in your day-to-day activities. You’ll have the convenience of having a traditional inhaler but with … Read more

Are Nebulizer Treatments Good for COPD?

are nebulizer treatments good for copd

Are nebulizer treatments good for COPD? This is a question many patients and their families ask when dealing with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. As an ailment affecting nearly 15 million Americans, there currently isn’t a cure, but treatment options are available. If you have been diagnosed or know someone suffering from COPD, let’s explore how … Read more