Who Needs Nebulizer Treatments? Common Reasons for Nebulizer Therapy

who needs nebulizer treatments

Who needs nebulizer treatments? Asking this question is the first step to knowing what solutions are available for various respiratory conditions. Nebulizers are a prevalent treatment method that assists with asthma attacks, cystic fibrosis, shortness of breath, and other severe conditions. This guide will explore how the ProNebu Mesh Portable Nebulizer can help the different … Read more

Nebulizer vs Inhaler: What Are Their Differences?

nebulizer vs inhaler

As someone just recently required to use medically assisted breathing devices, understanding the differences between a nebulizer vs inhaler could be challenging.  Although both can assist with alleviating respiratory distress, they differ in several aspects. This guide will explore both medicine delivery systems to help you know which type of device is best for you. … Read more

Why Do I Get Shaky After Using My Nebulizer: Common Nebulizer Side Effects

why do i get shaky after using my nebulizer

If you’re wondering and asking, “Why do I get shaky after using my nebulizer?” It’s likely because of the side effects of your medication. Albuterol, one of the most commonly prescribed nebulizer medications, is known to cause shakiness and tremors. When starting a new respiratory therapy regimen, it’s important to know what side effects to … Read more

Is Nebulizer Good for Colds?

is nebulizer good for colds

“Is nebulizer good for colds?” is something to ask when dealing with respiratory distress from an illness. As a device designed to help alleviate respiratory concerns, it can be a valuable tool when dealing with a cold. Let’s explore how a nebulizer can help you get through cold and flu seasons more comfortably. How Do … Read more

How to Use a Nebulizer for COVID Safely and Effectively

how to use a nebulizer for covid

The impact of the pandemic has left many people wondering how to use a nebulizer for COVID. Although research is still emerging about whether it’s a valid treatment for COVID-19, many myths and fallacies have arisen online. Knowing how nebulizers can safely be used during the pandemic is essential for patients currently prescribed respiratory therapy. … Read more

Can You Put Water Into a Nebulizer?

can you put water into a nebulizer

When asking, “Can you put water into a nebulizer?” it’s always important to consider your respiratory health. Nebulizers are designed to work with specific types of medication rather than water. However, using water either as a dilutant or alone in a nebulizer is more common than you’d think. In this guide, we’ll explore some research … Read more

How to Clean Nebulizer Parts the Right Way

how to clean nebulizer parts

In the past, learning how to clean nebulizer parts was a challenge, as the machines were large and clunky. Today, they are considerably smaller, making them significantly easier to maintain over time. Whether you’re taking care of your equipment or cleaning a loved one’s, this guide can help you better learn how to clean nebulizer … Read more

Why Isn’t My Nebulizer Misting?

why isn't my nebulizer misting

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with an asthma attack. Worse, there are times when you’ll notice your nebulizer isn’t misting the way it should be. If you’re asking, “Why isn‘t my nebulizer misting?” there are several possible reasons. Below, we’ll help you troubleshoot your machine and talk about ProNebu’s portable nebulizer. Why … Read more

Do I Need a Prescription To Buy a Nebulizer?

do i need a prescription to buy a nebulizer

If you have asthma, COPD, or any lung disease, you may need a nebulizer. This machine efficiently delivers the medicine to the lungs in the form of mist, giving you instant relief from your symptoms. While asthma patients more commonly use inhalers, a nebulizer is more convenient, especially for children and older adults. If it’s … Read more