Pronebu™ Nebulizers FAQs

Do I need a prescription to purchase ProNebu™ nebulizers?

No prescription is required to purchase a Pronebu™ nebulizer. You will need a prescription for any actual medication from your doctor.

Is the ProNebu™ covered by insurance?

Unfortunately the ProNebu™ nebulizer is not covered by insurance. If your insurance plan includes an HSA our nebulizer is approved for purchase. Our nebulizer is not eligible for any FSA or Care Credit purchase.  

Who can use the ProNebu™?

Anyone can use it! The ProNebu™ nebulizer is made for all ages — young and old alike. It’s easy for anyone to use. (Children will require the help of an adult to operate)

What is a mesh nebulizer?

The ProNebu™ nebulizer uses a vibrating mesh technology which draws the liquid through ≈1,000 microscopic holes, producing a breathable, atomized mist.

Is the nebulizer chargeable?

No, the Pronebu™ nebulizer is not chargeable. Power is achieved through 2 AA batteries or a USB power cord (used while plugged in to power).

What kind of batteries does the ProNebu™ take?

The ProNebu™ nebulizer requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

How long will my breathing treatment take?

Just a matter of minutes! The total time will vary based on how much liquid is poured into the cup and the type of medication that you are prescribed. A treatment with a standard unit dose of 3ml should take around 5 minutes to complete. If you fill the medicine chamber to capacity (10ml), the treatment will take around 15 minutes

What medications can I nebulize?

Any liquid medications you can nebulize in a traditional jet nebulizer can also be used with the Pronebu. Consult your physician if you have specific questions regarding your medication and treatment options.

What is the maximum fill level for the medicine cup?

The maximum fill level in the ProNebu™ medicine cup is 8 ml.

What if the recommended dose of medication is only 2ml?

When dealing with medications with low liquid volume, we recommend adding in isotonic saline solution to make the quantity at least 3-4ml for better nebulization. Always follow the instructions of your physician. Be sure to contact your physician if you have questions about your medication. 

Can you use the ProNebu™ while lying down?

You can use the ProNebu™ Nebulizer while lying down. The nebulizer will automatically shut off if the medicine cup is empty or liquid is not detected. If you aren’t able to keep the nebulizer flat, make sure that the liquid is tilted towards the mouthpiece.

Is the ProNebu™ approved by the FDA?

Yes! The ProNebu™ is covered under the general FDA approval for Nebulizers.

Why should I use the ProNebu™ instead of an inhaler?

It requires skilled coordination to use a meter dose inhaler or dry powder inhaler. When using inhalers, a large portion of the medication never reaches the lungs. A mesh nebulizer like the ProNebu™ delivers the medication more efficiently to your lungs with no coordination required.

How do I clean the ProNebu™?

Cleaning is easy and straightforward for the ProNebu™ Nebulizer.
1. Remove the mouthpiece and any other accessories
2. Add 6ml of distilled water to the medicine chamber
3. Run a full cycle through the ProNebu™ nebulizer
4. Shake out any remaining drops and allow to air dry
5. Wipe off the outside of the ProNebu™ nebulizer with a damp cloth

How do I disinfect the ProNebu™?

Follow the steps listed above for cleaning the ProNebu™ nebulizer, but add 2 to 3 drops of white vinegar and run the cycle. Do not inhale this solution. After this solution is cycled, run one more cycle with only distilled water. Wipe out the medicine cup with distilled water to ensure there is no vinegar residue left.

If I have any issues with my ProNebu™, who do I contact?

Please contact customer support here for any technical issues with your nebulizer. You can also email us at post@pronebu.com

What ailments can the ProNebu™ portable nebulizer be used for?

Always consult a doctor before treating any health condition. If you are having difficulty breathing, please seek medical attention. Our customers have used the ProNebu™ nebulizer for a number of ailments like asthma, COPD, bronchitis, croup, allergies, pneumonia, congestion and more.

Is there a warranty on the nebulizer?

Yes. If you’re not completely satisfied with your nebulizer, you can get your money back . We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for the Pronebu™ device.

How long does shipping take?

Pronebu™ nebulizers typically ship within 24 hours. Ship time ranges from 3-15 days depending on your location. Shipping is free on all orders.